Tips and Tricks for Every Meal Prepper

Meal Prepping is my saving grace! I don’t wake up early enough to make my lunch or plan snacks. Doing meal prep has changed my life, but it can be scary and hard at first. Here are my tips for saving you time and money!


    • The number one thing you need to do is make a plan! Write down what meals you want to make and what you need to buy to make it.

    • When you buy in bulk you can save money. The biggest thing to remember is that you need storage space for what you buy. Don’t go over board, but do get what you can.

    • You will save money by splitting the cost. You will have more variety, because you can meal prep more than one thing and split them up. It’s super duper fun!

    • By this, I mean shop one day and make the food on another. I am a crazy busy person and don’t have an entire day to shop and make food. It can be time consuming for the prep part, but it saves you so much time in the long run!

      • Have lots. Share with your friend. Don’t buy super expensive stuff. Make sure you have the right sizes. That’s that.



Meal prepping is so fun for me and my friend. We bond over it and love going shopping and cooking together. I suggest making a shared Pinterest board and adding meal ideas to it. I will post more meal ideas and recipes each week, too.

REMEMBER: Have fun and don’t stress about it.

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Author: RealMom-Lynsey

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