Sunday Spotlight, Jackie Hauer


Welcome back my friends! Today I am so excited to tell you about another fellow blogger I have met. Her name is Jackie Hauer. Jackie is the creator and content curator of Haute Mess Life. When starting this process I got so excited when I started to get to know her better. Her website is so cute and exactly what I needed. She blogs about life, fitness, and style. She has a unique style that just draws me in. Here, why don’t you find out more for yourself.

Meet Jackie Hauer!

Haute Mess LifeI married my husband in 2005, a year and a half after we met at church. In 2007, we got pregnant with our first baby, who was born in July, more
than 12 weeks shy of his October due date. The pregnancy was tough, but it was nothing compared to the following 98 days in the NICU, with several surgeries and multiple close calls where we were told to round up the family to say their goodbyes. Thankfully, God had different plans and our boy made it. We were sent home with a long list of “he will never” statements, but armed with hope we set out to pray and work them away, one by one.
A year after that, we got pregnant with our second, and even though we had been assured that what happened with the first was not likely to reoccur, it did– so another hard pregnancy, with lots of Mess, miscarriage scares, and bed rest later, our second son was born.Boys will be boys
Flash forward to today,
we are raising 2 boys with a genetic condition who are also on the Autism spectrum, but are doing much better than any doctor could have imagined. They are all things wonderful, amazing, challenging, adorable, smart, strong-willed, and crazy rolled into one, and even though life is hard at times, I wouldn’t change any the wild ride they’ve taken us on or how we have been changed for the better as a result of being their parents.Family life
For the past 12 years I have owned and run an event planning company focused on weddings, which I launched in 2005. In addition to that, I recently launched a site aimed at women who are equal parts fashionista and train wreck, navigating life somewhere in between… balancing work demands, family life and relationships, while still trying to carve a little bit of time for self-care into their hectic days.
 Speaking of self-care, one of the things I write about is fitness, mainly because of my own health journey where I lost 130 pounds and went from a size 22 to a 4 in a year. I blogged about it here, if you want more info: loss
I hope you enjoyed meeting Jackie as much as I did! If you wish to know more about her, check out these links below! Want to read more spotlights? Click here! If YOU want to be spotlighted, click here.

Thank you, Lovelies!

Sunday Spotlight, Kourtney Bond

Welcome to another Sunday Spotlight! Today, I present to you Bond, Kourtney Bond!

Ha she might kill me for that one, but I had too! I work with Kourtney, and that is how we met. This girl has an incredible story. When I first met her, I envied her life. She is pretty, upbeat, outgoing, has a great husband, smart, etc. From an outsider looking in, her life looked perfect! I started to get to know her and soon realized that she was SO much more! Kourtney’s life has been anything but easy! She worked really hard for what she has today, and that is the true accomplishment! Another thing I love about her, is that she is open and willing to share her story, because she truly believes that it could help someone else.

So, enough lollygagging, here is Kourtney’s story!

Well, I have grown up in South Ogden all my life! I got married about 4 years ago, seriously we are best friends! We love to be outside!! Skiing, hiking, biking… we love adventures! We also love to travel!! We try to take one big trip a year! Last year we went to Kauai, and we almost never came home! It’s by far our favorite place to go! I came home and have applied for job there ever since? seriously if the right one became available I wouldn’t hesitate to move there!
After returning home from Hawaii our life changed dramatically. After a 2 1/2 year battle with infertility, and several miscarriages we found out we were pregnant again with our little boy Bode.
Since this week is National Infertility Awareness Month I thought I would open up and share our struggle with a year and a half battle of reoccurring miscarriages, one right after another. Every loss was devastating, and it was so difficult to keep trying. After loosing our little girl Hope (2nd miscarriage) in our second trimester I didn’t want to try again. It took us a while to get back to having the courage to try again.
We experienced one more early loss before finding the perfect OBGYN to help us get Bode here. After countless labs, A LOT of progesterone, some bed rest and weekly visits to either our OB or the our high risk perinatal doctor IT WAS DELIVERY DAY! Our little guy made it safe and sound! He is 5 month old this month and this is life as we know it, everything is different, and hard and wonderful and I wouldn’t change a thing! Being a mom is truly not meant for the weak, it’s a never ending job!!
After pregnancy I quickly found myself dealing with some sever Postpartum depression.
For a long time is was very debilitating, some days it still is. I hope by sharing this anyone who is dealing with the same thing can realize it’s OK, it’s normal, you can get through it but to get help! I went to a new doctor that specializes in hormones and finding the root cause of your anxiety or and other health problems.
After a few visits, tests and labs we found the answer not only to my PPD but to the infertility and reoccurring miscarriages. I was diagnosed with Graves Disease and with Hyperthyroidism. Making a successful pregnancy almost impossible. Since receiving treatment for these I have felt SO much better! And I realize just how big of a miracle it was to be able to have a healthy, happy BABY!! Hopefully we will be able to manage and control this disease and in a few years be able to try again to give Bode a brother or sister!
On my journey through PPD and being a new mamma getting ready and taking care of myself was something I didn’t even want to do, and didn’t have the time to do either.
My friend introduced some quick Mommy Makeup!!
It has saved my appearance ? without it I would have nothing on my face and actually look like I’m sleep deprived and tired ALL the time!! It’s called Maskcara Cosmetics and it has changed not only my morning routine but has boosted my confidence completely! It has been that “something” just for me!
After using the product and loving it I wanted to share it with other busy women! I joined the Maskcara Beauty family in February and I love the sisterhood that came with it, the flexible schedule it provides and the residual income that has helped pay more than half of our mortgage within the first month. Our owner and our team leads are so uplifting, friendly and very helpful! Being apart of this has helped me gain my confidence back, plus helped me feel like ME again, which i think many women loose when they become a new mom.
So easy, kids can do it!

I am so excited to see where this new chapter in our little families life will take us.

I am so grateful for our journey, even the heartbreak that has led us to where we are today. Struggles, losses and hard times definitely change you, and transform you into a better person. -Kourtney Bond Click To Tweet They can do one of two things, destroy you and make you miserable or as you go through them if you have faith and hope, you will come out stronger, learn lessons, gain friends and will lead you to a place in life you didn’t know you even needed to be!


Moms like Kourtney really make it easy to see that not every pregnancy is easy, or picture perfect. Life can be hard, but it’s what you do to handle the stress that defines you. It’s important to always look up. Always look on the bright side. Thank you Kourtney for sharing your story with the Real Mom Blogs community!

Now, if any of you are interested in Maskcara, let me or Kourtney know! We are going to be doing a live video chat sometime (hopefully in the near future) on the Real Mom Blogs Facebook page. So make sure you go “like” us, and follow so you don’t miss it! We will both be talking about our experiences with Maskcara and how it works differently for every person. There will most likely be a demo, to show you all how quick and easy it is too!

But wait, there’s more!

In the mean time, go check out Kourtney’s Instagram!

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Sunday Spotlight, Mike The Cop

This is Mike. Mike the Cop.

Mike The Cop

Hands down, this is my favorite blog post thus far! I am so blessed and honored to do this spotlight. A while back, I contacted Mike The Cop and asked him if I could do a spotlight on him. I thought for sure he wouldn’t respond. Well, guess what? He responded rather quickly! Not only did he respond, he agreed to a Q&A! So here you have it, more about Mike the Cop from Mike himself!


First off, tell me a little about yourself. Who is the man behind Mike the Cop?

Well, my name is definitely Mike and I’ve been in law enforcement since July of 2009. I’m a husband of 21 years, a father of four with a grandbaby on the way and when I’m not making videos I’m trying to get better at Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Now who is Mike the Cop and how did this adventure start?

The adventure started when I was inspired by Officer Daniels and what he is doing. I decided that short humorous videos would be a good way to show people that cops have a sense of humor and build a rapport with others on social media, where cops can often be villainized.

Tell me a little bit about Humanizing the Badge.

Humanizing the Badge was started by Elizabeth Ogden shortly after her blog post “Dear Officer, I See You” We connected online and began to try and put out quality content that was not just negative responses to police situations to further a divide in the community but to actually be as objective and honest as possible in our handling of it and support both officers and community members.

What was the funniest traffic stop and funniest excuse someone has given you for breaking the law?

Those are very hard questions to tackle. Usually for a funny story, my memory needs to be jogged. Some of my stories appear in the book “You Can’t Make This Stuff Up”. The funniest excuse for me was someone “having the bubble gut.” One person also lied to me once and said their house was on fire.

Are you still an active duty police officer? If so, how do you juggle work and pleasure?

Yes, more than active. I work my regular shifts and then some lol. I juggle it because I’ve got a great family with older kids so the social media time is something we can share in together. My wife is very understanding and accommodating with all the stuff I have on my plate.

What are your favorite food, color and animal? And Why?

Pizza, black, snipe…because…’Merica.

What has been the happiest moment in your life thus far?

No way to boil that down to one moment.

If you could spend 10 minutes with anyone alive or dead, who would it be? 


Who was/is the most influential person to impact your life?

My brother.

Do you have any regrets in life?


What was the scariest thing to happen while on the job?

Having to nearly take a life is pretty scary.

In conclusion, where do you see yourself in five years, and in ten?

I am hoping that in 10 years I’ll be close to retirement if not retired already or doing part time police work while still engaging in the police community through social media and other non profit organizations.

What kind of weapons do you carry on your person? And in your vehicle? 

Glock 21, 42, Sog Flash knives, Fixed Blade defensive knife. In patrol vehicle, AR-15 and Remington 870.

Give me your best advice for home security.

Get a loud dog and a loud gun 🙂

What is the number one thing you wish people knew about you or law enforcement?

That we’re just as normal as any other community members.

What can we do out in the community to help you and your organization?

Just keep spreading the word and sharing good/valuable content.

I really enjoyed learning more about Mike and his organizations.
To make this post I did a lot of research. You think you know something, but there is always room to grow and learn. I’ve always made it a point to teach my son that the Police, are not bad. We stress the importance of people and acceptance in our house. So, I strongly support what Humanizing the Badge is all about! Mike is making it more fun for everyone! I started watching his videos and following his posts on Facebook. He is a really funny guy! I now follow him on SnapChat and it’s a fun way to see what police officers are really like. I urge you to look into his stuff and see what you think!

CONTACT INFO for Mike The Cop

You can find Mike on Facebook, SnapChat, and more!
Get the links below!

Here are some additional links to some of my favorite content done by Mike The Cop and Humanizing the Badge. Please explore!

Sunday Spotlight, MY MOM

Today is a SPECIAL post! It’s the first post of 2017! I am so excited to be doing a Sunday Spotlight for the first post. What a way to kick off a great year?! Meet my mom!

This Sunday, I am spotlighting THE coolest and best mom I know.
MY mom! I look up to my mom so much.
She was the best person I know and I would not be where I am without her. She truly is my BEST friend!

So without further ado, here is a fun Q&A about my mama!

How old are you?

I am 55 Years Old. (I’m just surprised she actually said her age..)




Who is your role model?

Princess Di and my mom.  They were very classy women who were confident in who they were and accepted people for who they were.

If you could be anything when you grow up, what would it be?

I am already grown but I would have liked to have been an ambassador for goodwill. (Such a mom thing to say..)

What is your favorite animal and color?

Tiger!!!! Both white/black and orange/black. (Oh that must be where I get it from)

When your husband cooks, what is your favorite thing he can prepare?

Teriyaki Chicken in the wok with veggies and white rice.

Where do you see yourself in five years? And ten?

In five years-on the road to recovery and in 10 ten years-retired.


Last question… What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

Having the most beautiful family-inside and out!!! (Wrong, it’s me. I am her greatest accomplishment..)

I also asked my siblings to help me with this interview. These next questions were ones that we asked her back in December at our Christmas party.

How many kids do you have?


Who is your favorite child?

I don’t have a favorite..

What’s your favorite tradition?

When I was a child, my mom would read a story on Christmas eve.

What is your biggest regret in life?

Not following my dreams.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Well just one of many, is when I drove a motor home to Wendover.

If you could relive any moment, what would it be?

The day I married Mike.

What is your opinion on Marijuana?

Um, I’m against it!

What is/was your dream career?

Everyone should know that! A professional beach volleyball player.

What do you want people to know about you?

I would like to be known for being non-judgmental and kind.

I think my mom is the bee’s knees!

She is so funny and truly is kind! What I like most about my mom is that she is always there for me when I need her. I asked my mom and a few of my siblings what they liked most about our her, and this is what they had to say: (Some of these are spouses, but we are all family, so don’t get confused)

Teresa-My laugh!

HS- She is caring!

DE-Really funny, she makes me laugh a lot.

TE-I love the way I was raised.

JS-Her hair, she is pretty!

DE-She is determined!

McE-I love that her house is always open!








Not only is my mom a caring, awesome woman to her family, she is also a very fun and enthusiastic “Dance Mom”! My little sister has danced almost her whole life. Our mom has been there every step! She always supports all of her friends too!

You can even ask my friends! My mom is your mom! She cares about everyone and will treat everyone like they are family. I look up to her so much! I love her guts!

Sunday Spotlight, Dani Enlow


Let me introduce you to another really awesome mom! This is Dani, my sister-in-law! Dani is a stay-at-home mom that decided to take action and start a home based business. Have you heard of Lipsense? That’s what this girl does! She is your new Avon Lady! Scenegence is one of the fastest growing companies, and Dani here has a front seat for the action! Here is a little Q&A to get to know her better.


Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I have been married to the man of my dreams for 5 years. I have two little girls, 3 years and 11 months (she turns ONE on the 18th! I can’t wrap my head around that!). I love to travel and wish I could do it more. My dream is to travel to Italy and of course Ireland! The most important things in my life are my family and my faith, without these I don’t know where I would be in life.

How old are you?


What made you want to get into Senegence?

At first I just fell in LOVE with the products and wanted to buy everything! Ha ha! Then I learned of all the amazing opportunities that the company offers. I love how I can help secure our family financially while helping other women find products that make them feel confident and beautiful.

What do you like most about the product?

I love how it is all natural and I don’t have to worry about what I am putting on my face and body. I have noticed since I started wearing and using all the products my skin, especially on my face just looks healthier and brighter.

Who is your role model?

My mom. To be honest we don’t always get along but I really look up to her. She is such a strong woman and she takes charge. She is incredibly smart and she is always willing to help others, especially her family. I wish I was more like her.

If you could be anything when you grow up, what would it be?

Can I say a superhero? Yes? Then a superhero! I need that super speed to keep up with my kiddos!

How long have you been a Senegence distributor?

4 months and I am loving it 🙂 I have been using the products for 8 months.

What got you hooked?

Definitely the LipSense.

How do you think selling makeup could help you or your family in the future?

First off I feel more confident when I go out. I feel more put together which helps me hold my head a little higher and walk a little taller.
Selling Senegence is helping our family become more Financially secure. It is honestly helping us get out of debt. My husband still has some student loans and we have a car payment and it is helping us pay extra on those every month. And soon it will lead to us buying a home of our own.


They say a woman can conquer the world with a good shade of lipstick. What is your shade and how does it boost your confidence?

DUSTY ROSE! I just feel like a BAD*** when wearing it. It is a dark color for sure, but I feel like I can take on the world while wearing it! I also just love how it looks on me. Ha Ha

What is your favorite animal and color?

Sea Turtle. They are so clumsy on land but when they get into the ocean they are so majestic!

Mint. Its girly without being pink.

When your husband cooks, what is your favorite thing he can prepare?

Biscuits and Gravy! It is like the only thing he can make to be honest! But he gets it perfect everytime! Whenever I make it i mess it up somehow. I wish he would make it more.

Where do you see yourself in five years? And ten?

In Five years? We will probably have a few more little ones running around and we will have a home of our own!

Ten years? Hopefully working full time with my Photography business and still selling Senegence.

Last question… Who is your favorite Sister-in-law? (Hint.. She is super cool…)

Of course that would have to be LYNSEY! She really is amazing! She is always thinking of others before herself and she LOVES her nieces and spoils them any chance she gets! And she has 7 of them! She is the most thoughtful person I have ever met.

I’ve known Danielle for quite a while now. She is the best person to take Make up advice from. I mean, just look at her! #slaygirlslay

If you are interested in knowing more about her products, like her Facebook page and join her group! You can also book a Facebook party with her to get great hostess awards! Trust me, I’ve done it before!

Dani and I are so excited about this product and my Giveaway that she has decided to donate some to my giveaway!

This is SO big! This Sh** Just Got Real!



Here are the Links to Danielle’s page and group.

“Anyone who joins my group and follows my page will get 10% off their first order when they mention your blog!” -Danielle

Sunday Spotlight, Mckinzie

This is a long one! So buckle up, grab some hot cocoa, sit back and enjoy!

I’ve been wanting to spotlight some fellow moms for a while now. I thought I would start close to home. Let me introduce you to my sister-in-law, Mckinzie. She is an awesome woman and incredible mom! The last two years she has taken our family Christmas pictures. She is really good at what she does. Here are some of her personal favorites along with a Q&A to get to know her better.


Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I have been married for 5 years to an awesome guy with two girls, 3 and 10 months. I graduated with a Bachelors in Family Studies from BYU. My faith and family are my biggest priorities!

How old are you?


What made you want to get into photography?

My family has always loved to travel and it was always my job to take the pictures! My dad bought a DSLR a long time ago and I loved it.

What do you like most about taking pictures?

Pictures are how we remember everything. I barely remember my wedding day but I look at the pictures and it all comes back. I love being able to capture those memories.


Who is your role model?

My mom! She worked hard to get her education. She is a great person!

If you could be anything when you grow up, what would it be?

That is a very good question. I really want to help people. I want to be a foster parent and help kids. Maybe a Child Life Specialist. I still don’t know!

How long have you been taking pictures?

A very very long time. With a DSLR? About 2 years

Is this something you want to do for a living, or just a fun hobby?

It’s always just been a hobby but recently I’ve been taking more pictures of friends and family and it’s pretty fun! So right now I would love to practice more and maybe start a little business! If anyone wants to model for me I would love it!


How do you think taking pictures could help you or your family in the future?

I love getting professional pictures of my kids but it’s expensive! Now I can do it. It would also be nice to make a little extra money to support my family.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. What is just one word to describe your photography?



What is your favorite animal and color?

Elephants. Purple.

When your husband cooks, what is your favorite thing he can prepare?

I laughed at this question. My husband doesn’t cook very much. He makes a mean Ramen, Mac and Cheese, and pancakes.

Where do you see yourself in five years? And ten?

In five years I see myself with a couple more kids! In ten years I would love to have a career.  Who knows!

Last question… Who is your favorite Sister-in-law? (Hint… She is super cool…)

Lynsey! Duh haha. She is the most thoughtful person I have ever met. She is always thinking about others!




I’ve known Mckinzie for a very long time… In my opinion, there is no one better for my brother, than her. She really was sent from God just for our family. Kinzie fits in perfect! She and David have gone through everything and still show the world what it’s like to be kind and loving. I am very grateful for her and her family. As you can see from above, they really make cute kids!

These next couple of photos are of my little brother and sister. My mom wanted to get pictures of them because, well, look at them! I was lucky enough to tag along in this photo shoot. Aren’t they amazing?





LASTLY, here are a couple of my favorites from our Christmas pictures this year. Be sure to check out Facebook for more.





Sunday Spotlight, Katie Case

Meet my Lularoe mommy friend, Katie! This girl is a super cute mom of 2, who runs her own business with her mama. Here is a fun Q&A about Katie!

Tell me a little bit about yourself:

I’ve been married for 4 years to my best friend, Daniel. We have two girls together. Harper is 3 and Finley 6 months. We currently live with my parents, and are trying to save up for a house!

How old are you?

I’m 26 years old.

What made you want to get into Lularoe?

After I had my second baby, I was feeling so bad about myself. I bought a pair of leggings and a shirt from LuLaRoe, I felt so cute and was so comfortable. I wanted to make others feel that way, and after a lot of thought, me and my mom decided to become consultants.

What do you like most about the product?

I love that it can fit anyone, from kids to plus size. And it’s so comfortable. I love that I can wear it to just hang out in the house, or go out, and still look cute!

Who is your role model?

My mom. She is so hard working, and so caring. She takes care of my kids even after working a full time. She’s my best friend and I’m glad I can be on a team with her.

If you could be anything when you grow up, what would it be?

Well my ultimate dream job, is to work at the bippidy boppidity boutique at Disneyland, and do the little girl’s hair, and make them look like a princess!

How long have you been selling Lularoe?

Since September!

Is this something you want to do for a living, or just a fun hobby?

I quit my job after selling for about a month. And I don’t regret it. It’s a lot of work, so I’m grateful I can do this as my job and stay home with my girls. So hopefully I can keep doing it as a living.

How do you think this business could help you or your family in the future?

I’m hoping it can help get us a house and provide an income! Which it has helped us so far!

What was the very first thing you bought from Lularoe?

I think it was a pair of black leggings when I was pregnant with my daughter, 3 years ago. And I still have them and wear them!

What is your favorite animal and color?

I love all animals. I have a special place in my heart for all animals. But I would say dogs and cats! And I’m obsessed with black and white!

When your husband cooks, what is your favorite thing he can prepare?

Guess what? He usually cooks! I’m a horrible cook. Tonight he made mashed potatoes and chicken and it’s awesome! He’s a pretty good cook.

Where do you see yourself in five years? And ten?

In a house, maybe with one more kid. And hopefully being able to stay home and be with the kids. And same with 10 years. I just want to be a mom!

Last question… If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? (You can’t pay off debt with it, or give it to charity)

Pay off debt! Haha just kidding. I would get a nice big house, hire a maid and a cook. And go on some vacations with my whole family!

If you are interested in learning more about Lularoe, join Katie’s group on Facebook! I love keeping up with the sales and finding one of a kind items!