Sunday Spotlight, Hill Aerospace Museum

Today’s Sunday Spotlight is going to be slightly different. As you can tell from the title, we are spotlighting the Hill Aerospace Museum in Northern Utah. This museum is the best of ALL worlds when it comes to weekend activities with your kids.

Hall of Fame Hill Aerospace Museum Hill Aerospace Museum

I always want to take Henry to places that are fun, educational, and best of all, FREE! That is why I took him to the Hill Aerospace Museum! This place is SO big! It has to be. It holds real airplanes, artifacts, equipment, and more!

Hill Aerospace Museum Hill Aerospace Museum Hill Aerospace Museum

As you can see from the pictures, there is an inside and outside to this museum. Outside is this HUGE yard of airplanes that you can wonder around. Each plane has an education board for you to read. These planes you can get up close and personal with.

Hill Aerospace Museum Hill Aerospace Museum

Being a Saturday, you would think that the place would be packed. It was! However, there is so much room to run around and explore, that you never really bump into anyone. Henry and I had so much fun giggling and running around. I am sure people thought we were crazy!

Hill Aerospace Museum

We spent HOURS in this museum, but it didn’t feel like it!

There is just so much to look at!

Hill Aerospace Museum 

Henry’s favorite part was when he got to color a picture of a plane and make paper airplanes. That part is inside, and unfortunately we were having fun and I forgot to take pictures. I also don’t know if that was a special Saturday activity or if they always have it.

This was Henry’s first time, and I hadn’t been there for YEARS!

It’s astonishing how big some of these planes are! They are super cool and incredible!

Now the museum is FREE, which is majorly awesome! However, I encourage you to visit the gift shop or to donate. The community support is what helps keep them running. They have drop boxes, or those fun coin whirlpools, you can donate too. Kids love to give away your money!

Hill Aerospace Museum Hill Aerospace Museum

I bought Henry one, $4 airplane, that he loves! Aside from that, I may have only donated like three bucks, but every little bit helps! It’s cheap for me, and gets the museum the help they need.

Hill Aerospace Museum Hill Aerospace Museum

Whether you live in Utah or you are just visiting, the Hill Aerospace Museum is a MUST. Budget friendly, wide open, fun, and educational!

Have any of you been to the Hill Aerospace Museum? How did you like it?

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