When Life Gets Crazy Busy…

Crazy Busy Life

Hello, my name is Lynsey…. JUST KIDDING!

It’s been so long, I thought I should give you an update on why I have been so MIA lately. Life has been crazy! We have been busy little bees and I do not regret that one bit!

go karts!

If you follow me on social media…

…you have seen a little snapshot. I recently took my son and my little siblings to Boondocks. It’s a massive arcade with laser tag, go-karts, mini golf, etc. We had a ton of fun doing all those things and more!

My golfing buddy!

Then, of course, there was the 4th!

Independence day is probably my favorite holiday. I love the fireworks, spending time with family, the food, the community, EVERYTHING! This year we finally had our own little firework show. We bought a small, $20 box of fireworks. We waited until bed time and then shot them off. Well, here in Utah, bed time is still light out… Ha! It was still fun, and my little man loved it!

Fireworks on the 4th!

Also on the 4th!

Every year, we go to breakfast in the park for Cherry Days in North Ogden. We’ve developed this tradition that we go to breakfast, go the car show, and go to the park before going to the parade.

Grandma's are the best!
Helping Grandma go down the slide

Now, about that cover photo…

That picture is from the Dinosaur Park! Papa, Mama, and the little man decided to go check out some old bones. It’s a really cool park because there is so much to learn there! They even installed a new dinosaur statue that is the only full-size statue of it’s kind! The one we are with happens to be my favorite dino.

All in all

It has been a lot of fun. This is just a brief summary of what has been taking me away from the blog lately. I am sure you are all busy too! Leave me a comment letting me know what has kept you busy this summer!

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  1. Looks so fun! Summer is awesome! My hubby teaches school so we’ve been going all over. We just went to bear lake last week which was ??

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