How to know if you have found True Love…

True love is a tricky thing to find. The truth is, true love means something different to everyone.

What might sound like true love to me, might not be true love for you. I thought it would be fun to share with you my story, in case your personality is anything like mine. Instead of telling you the full, long, boring story about how I and my husband met and how we fell in love, and why I know it’s true love, I’m just going to tell you a bunch of s*** my husband says…

For example, one thing that I hear a lot, is “I want you to look hot tonight.” Sound offensive, right? Well, coming from a brand new boyfriend, IT TOTALLY IS! Coming from your husband that you’ve been with for 5 years, not so much. No, it’s just a compliment. It’s him acknowledging the fact that I’m hot to him and he wants to show me off.

Another thing my husband likes to tell me to try and “compliment” me is “Are you really going to wear that?” As in, “You look way too good to go out in public without me!”

I love the stupid s*** my husband says. I know he cares about me and that even when I think I look like a hot mess or the ugly troll that lives under the bridge, he still thinks I’m cute. My hubby tells me all the time that he “chose me for a reason.”


Of course, we fight, A LOT.

But we always fight to win. By that, I mean we both fight until we both are fighting towards the same thing; each other. No one really gets it, but us, and that is okay. Every couple has their ups and downs. Every couple is different.

  • I found my true love in his bright blue eyes and the way he plays with his puppy.
  • I found true love in his passion towards his projects, and his love for his family.
  • He is different when he is around me than anyone else.
  • I found true love in a loving, caring, Daddy.
  • The more I grow old with him and the more I see him interact with our son I fall more and more in love with my husband.
  • He is so passionate and full of heart and mystery. No one can figure him out, but I got the rest of mine to try.
Here is another That’s 70s Show meme… I feel as if My Hubby and I are a lot like Red and Kitty…haha


Now, just for fun, I found this questionnaire on FB and HAD to ask my hubby. Enjoy!

  • What is my favorite thing to say?
    • “Right?” [Hahahahahaha}
  • What makes me happy?
    • Chocolate [DUH!]
  • What makes me sad?
    • Yelling
  • How tall am I?
    • 5’7″ [Got that spot on!]
  • What’s my favorite thing to do?
    • Watch your T.V. shows [He thinks I’m lazy..]
  • What do I do when you’re not around?
    • Watch T.V. [Okay, I’m totally lazy… But not lately!]
  • If I became famous, what will it be for?
    • Writing [I sure hope so!]
  • What makes you proud of me?
    • Being a mom [Awe…]
  • What is my favorite restaurant?
    • Chili’s [Yup!]
  • Where is my favorite place to visit?
    • The library [uh…okay.]
  • If I could go anywhere where would it be?
    • Boston [For F***ing sure! And NOLA]
  • How do I annoy you?
    • Arguing [face palm]
  • What is my favorite movie?
    • The Notebook [Wrong… it’s Phantom of the Opera]
  • Who is my celebrity crush?
    • Jake Gyllenhaal [Yup!]
  • You get a phone call that I am in trouble, who am I with?
    • Our Son [Probably true, we are always together when I’m not working..]

So, who are you in love with? Do you have a true love?

I feel as if there are a million different definitions of True Love, therefore, you might be in love for different reasons than I. Because of love, I feel whole. But I understand, it’s different for everyone. So tell me your whys!

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