Dear Todd: January 30th, 2016

This is a passage from my son’s journal that I keep. Every year, for his birthday, I get myself a journal for all my Dear Todd needs, ha! I try to write in the journal throughout the year to document the minor victories and changes that happen in our families lives. Here is kind of a cute one that I wrote recently.

Dear Todd,

You are kind of crazy!

Sometimes I wonder what’s going on in your brain. Like, what the hell are you thinking? Sometimes you can keep yourself entertained for hours. Other times, you are super needy!

Mom! Dad! Mom, Mom, Mom… Look, Dad! Dad, Daddy! Look Dad!

Like, holy cow, shut up!

You are so funny though. You say the cutest things and make the silliest faces. Our lives are way more colorful with you in it!

I love you, Little Todd!

XOXO, Mommy


P.s. Todd is justĀ a name I’ve designated for my toddler. It’s easier, and a little more private. Sorry, and thank you for understanding.


Many of you know my son’s name. That is okay. I don’t want to hide anything from you guys, but it’s still cute to call him Todd! So I will keep this series called Dear Toddler for now.

Author: RealMom-Lynsey

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