Dear Husband, PART TWO of what NOT to say to your Wifey

A few weeks ago I posted some tips for your husband of what not to say or do. Lets continue. Here are 6 MORE things for him to avoid.

Today I am bringing you actual quotes that women have said to me since. I wanted to quote the ladies who said these, but to be honest, I have forgotten. What if I have not written the exact quote correctly? Then they would be mad. So sorry! But not really, because either way, these are GOLD!

When I am sick, I hate hearing “You look like CRAP”

What the? DON’T! You MUST at all times, think we are beautiful. End. of. story!

“Why don’t you like/love me?”

Of course we love you, we might just not like you all of the time, but don’t you think it’s a bit much to flat out ask us?

“What is wrong with you?”

YOU are what is wrong right now. No, not really, but there is a kinder way to ask what is bothering us. Why don’t you try, “Hey, beautiful, extraordinary wife, I understand that something might be slightly upsetting you. It might be me, and that is okay, but how can I help?”

“Can you help me?” Then proceeds to NOT let you help them.

Don’t ask for our help and then proceed to not accept it. If you don’t actually want our help, don’t ask.

Now this next one I threw in just because I feel that it is important to touch on.

Do not say any kind of “parenting war” inducing statements. Such as telling your kids who the cooler parent is, or undermining your disciplinary strategies.

We are a team and we HAVE to work together! Our children will respect us more if we show them that we are one parenting unit and that we agree and compromise as a team. It is important in this day and age to teach through actions as well as words. Kids are like sponges, they soak up everything you say and do!

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  1. i read your first post of what hubby’s shouldn’t say and this post… i found myself agreeing with all of them! loved your post!

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