Dear Husband, What NOT to say to your wife!

Hello Hubby’s!

This post is for you, even though your wife/girlfriend/significant other is probably reading this. (P.s. Please tag them, or share this, or kindly read it to them) I feel it is our duty as women to help you avoid the sticky situations. Today, I want to give you some tips on what NOT to say/do to your wife.

Side note; this probably goes for all relationships. Not just married couples.

 What not to say

  1. Do not touch her belly in a non sexual way.
    1. You know what? Just stay away from any “actions” that might make her feel like you are pointing out her “problem areas”
    2. Yes, we know that we are supposed to love our bodies. Sometimes that isn’t the reality.
    3. You are the #1 person to keep us a float in this horrible world. DON’T eff it up!
  2. “Calm down”
    1. Just don’t.
    2. Have you ever tried to tell a shark to calm down?
  3. “Is that your third cookie?”
    1. See example number 1.
    2. Don’t call us fat.
  4. “You are being stupid!”
    1. WHAT? I may not have as many years on this Earth as you, but I am not dumb!
    2. Her intelligence is just as important as yours.
  5. “What did you say?”
    1. This is referring to the sarcastic version.
    2. We know DAMN well that you heard us!
  6. “I wasn’t listening, because it wasn’t all about me”
    1. Okay, you might not actually say this..BUT
    2. LISTEN to us!
    3. Not everything has to be about you or what you like.

Wrap it up!

THAT ^ is another example. However, I want to keep your attention, so we will wrap it up there. Try to avoid using these actions or phrases. Please.

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Love ya!

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