Once Upon a Time; I got MARRIED!

Exactly one year ago today…

I got married! I thought it would be a good idea to share some of our wedding pictures with you today. I haven’t really shared a whole lot about my husband and me, or our love story. So, with each picture, I will share a random fact about our relationship.

"Can I get the rings please?"
I know you’ve seen this picture recently, but I love it SO much! See that man in the middle, the one marrying us? Yeah, that’s my dad!


  Behind the lens

First things first, we were lucky enough to hire the best (in my opinion) wedding photographer in the state of Utah. Her name is Ashley DeHart. You can find out more about her in the spotlight I did on her a while back.

No Kids Zone
Yes, you can share this post with your kids! I just think this picture is so funny. We had an area that we wanted to make sure kids didn’t play in, only because it wasn’t a safe area.


Let’s dive into these random facts! Starting with me, cause you know, I’m selfish.. Ha!

Random Fact: I made the first move… Yup.

My Girls!
Meet my line up of girls! From left to right you have my gorgeous, free-spirited, fun-loving niece Ky Ky! Next to her is my personal wedding planner, my sassy red-headed friend, girl-I-can’t-live-without, Sara. Then there is me in the big white dress… My right-hand-man, partner-in-crime, mini me who stole all the good looks in the family, my little sister Hailey. And lastly, definitely the shortest with the biggest personality, Sage! To be honest, I can’t live without these girls, and I am so glad I have them in my life.


Next up; Let’s pick on Craig

Random Fact: He is 11.5 years older than me! That means when he was learning how to drive, I was learning how to read! Let that soak in for a minute…

Love of my life

More Random Facts:

Craig and I dated for almost 5 years before we got married. Our son, Henry, was 3-years-old when we got married. He was the ring bearer!

Ring Bearer

Our Families…

Random Fact: My family is rather large. I have six brothers and sisters. Craig only has one sister. His family is quite small. No matter what the differences are, luckily, we both fit perfectly in the other’s family.

Private Concert
My beautiful sister and brother singing to Craig and me.

So how did we meet?

Random Fact: We met in a bowling league in Morgan, UT.

Cowgirl boots and Weddings
Sometimes it’s the little details that matter. I asked my photographer to take pictures of even the smallest things, as to not miss a single detail of our wedding.

More selfish Random Facts about me:

I am a control freak and suffer from high anxiety issues. So you can only imagine that the whole wedding planning process was very painful for me and the people who were trying to help me and trying not to kill me. I planned every single detail of our wedding down to the very confetti that covered our tables.

Open Bar Wedding Sign
Well, of course! This absolutely HAD to happen!

Random Fact:

I am a rum drinker. My favorite? Malibu, because it has that fruity, summery hint. Craig really enjoys Jim Beam. HOWEVER, Craig and I very rarely drink together.

The League of Extraordinary Nieces
Side note fun fact: I am the proud auntie of not one, not even two, but SEVEN nieces! Finally, I was able to get them all in one place. Meet “The league of extraordinary nieces” P.s. I might be the coolest aunt, but of course, I am being a little biased.
Of course, we had to get a picture (and this isn’t the only one) of all the boys!

We are fiercely loyal to our friends.

Random Fact: Craig didn’t meet my bestie Sage until well into the wedding planning process. I didn’t meet his friend Matt until the day before our wedding.

Tiny little bucket. Country Weddings.

The Random Facts Continue…

We don’t enjoy the same kind of movies. He really enjoys horror films, and of course, I love Rom-Coms. LUCKILY, we both really enjoy action movies and movies that make you really think.

A girl and her Daddy on her wedding day
This is probably the most important, most influential man in my whole life!

Kickin’ it Old School

Random Fact: Craig asked both of my dads for their permission before asking me to marry him.

Star Wedding Topper
We custom ordered our wedding topper from Etsy. I wanted to link it here for you, but I can’t find it anymore… If I find it, I will let you know!

So how did he do it?

Random Fact: He didn’t! He had our son ask me for him. My heart absolutely melted, and I was caught off guard.

Wedding Guests. Family and Friends.

Okay, have you had enough yet?

For your LAST Random Fact: I thought I would share what we are doing for our anniversary. Well, not much of anything. We played around with really big ideas, months ago. None of which we did. Then we thought we would go to a movie and a really nice dinner. Nah! Then we thought about just dinner and a night without the kid. WELL, we decided on a movie in those fancy new luxury seats, with movie theater food, and absolutely nothing special.

We have plenty of anniversaries ahead of us.

Black and White. A perfect match!
Black and White. A perfect match! I am nothing without my glasses, and Craig is nothing without his hat. We are nothing without each other…

We aren’t going anywhere, and this is just the first of many for us. We figured we might as well start out small, and work our way up.

Thank you!

Thank you for enduring through all of these pictures and random facts! I am so happy to be married to this man, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

What it’s REALLY like to Transition your Toddler from a Car Seat to a Booster Seat

As most of you know, my son recently turned 4 years old in June. After weeks and weeks of talking to my husband prior to his birthday about how big he is and how he is outgrowing his car seat, we decided to make the transition to a Booster Seat.

I know! Oh my gosh!

These days, you have to seriously consider every option when considering life changing decisions for your kids. Questions like; When you start solid foods? When to change their car seat? Should I let my son do karate? Is now, in line to check out, really the time to let my kid have a tantrum, or do I go straight to monster mom? Should I switch him to a booster seat?

Unfortunately, the world expects you to do what they want you to do. They want you to raise your children exactly the same way they raised theirs. The days of “Mom instinct” are gone!

So, of course, when considering to transition my son, I got major anxiety about it. But my son kept telling me, “Mom! It’s squishing me! Mom! My weenie hurts! Mom!” I felt so bad! I would loosen the straps to relieve some of the pressure, but then it was too loose for my comfort on his shoulders.

Finally, I said screw it! I looked at the height and weight of the seat he was in versus the booster I wanted to get. He met the requirements for the booster, even though he still met the requirements for the car seat too. I looked it up online and finally decided to ask his pediatrician when he went in for his 4-year wellness check up.

Check out my post about the MEAN kid! http://wp.me/p8aYjD-dz

What his pediatrician said surprised me!

He said, “Well, what do you think? What is your gut telling you?” I thought about that for a second. Part of me wanted to snap back with, “What the hell are the regulations?” But instead, I told him that I wanted to move him into a booster seat for ease and comfort.

So he told me to do it! He said, and I quote, “Mothers are starting to ignore their maternal instinct to do what is “right” by other moms. Don’t let society tell you how to raise your child.” He then went on to tell me that if he meets the requirements for the booster seat, then there must have been tests on that booster seat to make it safe for children of his age, height, and weight.

Well, that was good enough for me!

So we switched it, and about a month later I found this article about “When should my child switch from a car seat to a booster seat?” from Baby Center. This quote is from their article.

“You can safely switch your child to a booster seat if she’s at least 4 years old and she weighs 40 pounds or more or has grown too tall for her car seat (when her shoulders are higher than the top set of harness-strap slots in the car seat’s back).” -Stephanie Tombrello Child passenger safety specialist

That is exactly what happened to my son! He weighs about 40-42 lbs, his shoulders were right at the harness-strap slots, and he is 4 years old! Plus, he is a boy, and it was hurting his boy parts… That is reason enough for me. I want my son to be comfortable!

In conclusion…

I am not going to ask for your opinions on this because frankly, I am just going to follow my own instincts and ignore all of your suggestions anyway.

BUT, I do want to know, what are the funniest things your children have said to you! I want to write a post about the craziest things we hear come out of their tiny mouths.

My personal favorite is, “Mommy, why are people fat?

Instagram Giveaway WINNER! Everyday Amanda

Remember that one time, when I did an Instagram giveaway? Yeah, well meet Amanda, our winner!

Everyday Amanda

Hello, all!

I just want to give a quick shout out to Lynsey at Real Mom Blogs for thinking I’m worthy to be in the spotlight. It’s exciting and unreal, but I thank her! So, so much!

Anyway, a little about moi.

I’m a wife and stay at home mom to 2 crazy kids. Olivia is 10 and going into 5th grade and Alex is 6 and he will be a big 1st grader! My husband is a very hardworking man that is moody and goofy. We have had some ups and downs but mostly ups in these last years.
I am surprised (and a little sad) to say I will be hitting the big 4-0 this year! Although I look like I’m in my early 20s, only because I’m short! A whopping 5 feet! (Hubs says 4’ 11”, but he’s a liar). But I really don’t feel my age. I still sometimes find myself shocked when I say I’m a mom.

I live in a small town in Pennsylvania.

My husband and I have been together for 20 years this year! Married for 12 years in September. I am 3 ½ years older than my hubs. But I feel like he is the older one. I’m a procrastinator. And I’d rather watch a movie with my kiddos than go outside. I’m an indoor person fo sho! We have a Yorkie named Maggie. She will be 13 this year! And she was our 1st baby. She is a part of our family and is very spoiled!

I got into blogging by accident.

A friend of mine, who homeschools her 5 kids, was always telling me crazy stories about her kids. I’m like, you should start a blog! Share your stories! So, I started looking into blogging to help and share with her some info, and started reading and reading and pinning and pinning and started thinking and wondering… “Hey. maybe I could do this?”. I started toying with it but pushed it off thinking “Nah, no one would read what I have to say”.  Long story short, I wrote a few posts, hubs said go for it, what do you have to lose? And here I am! A blogger for about 2 ½ months!

I like to say my blog is a “personal/mom/lifestyle/mishmash” blog.

I write about everyday stuff that when I’m typing it up… it just kinda flows. I do have a million blog post ideas written down, but some only produce a few sentences while others just write themselves. My blog is my first time ever writing, so I was worried about people reading it. But it looks like I have a few people that enjoy what I have to say which is seriously crazy and awesome!

When I’m not messing with the blog…

…or sharing it on social media, I’m usually watching TV or reading. I also love listening to music and singing along… reeeally loud! (In the privacy of my own home, of course!). I love holidays. Especially the ones that gather all the family together. I like to spend time with my family and relax, especially over summer because school time can be pure chaos. With both kids in school and soccer and my daughter in piano, some nights are crazy! So, summer is a nice, slow time for us.

That’s about all I have about me! I hope you stop by and check out my little slice of the internet, laugh and relate with my everyday parenting shenanigans.

Thanks again for having me Lynsey @ Real Mom Blogs!!!

Isn’t she SO funny! Everything she writes is super intriguing. She is really good at captivating her audience. I definitely want you all to go check out her blog everydayamanda.com

Here are some of Amanda’s favorite posts:

Everyday Amanda's puppyhttp://everydayamanda.com/mommin-aint-easy-because-kids/




Doesn’t that Goodie Bag look awesome?

Well, guess what!? I am going to post tomorrow the details of everything that was in the goodie bag. In the meantime, tell me what kind of giveaway you would like to see next!

Dear mom at McDonald’s with the MEAN kid!

I saw your kid hit my kid!

No, I’m not mad or annoyed with you or your mean kid. Your kid is 2, mine is 4. I can see that you are worried and paranoid that something will happen, or someone will judge you. Stop it! You are working your ass off! I see you constantly watching him, and making sure he is okay.

I can relate.

All new moms go through that phase of constant worry. No sleep, not enough water, way too much caffeine. You are doing a great job, so don’t even worry about it! More moms need to be like you! Patience and peace come with time. Then there will be more chaos, but you will be able to handle it like a boss!

Dont mess with the mama bear!

Check our “10 MORE Reasons Why I am Rocking Motherhood” here!

What you did right

Here is the glorious thing about parenting. Most people are doing it right. You have to be a really terrible person to get it wrong. There are so many different types of parenting, and no matter how good you are, your kid is still going to have their own personality.  I was impressed that you didn’t just sit there and let it happen. You jumped up, grabbed him, and asked my son if he was okay. You also explain in such a sweet, but stern way, the reason why it’s not nice to hit. Then, you even apologized to me! Which was not needed.

You are doing such a great job!

Like I said before, there are so many ways that situation could have gone worse. I want to thank you for being an awesome mom to that adorable 2-year-old! You keep doing what you are doing and don’t even worry about anyone else!

When Life Gets Crazy Busy…

Hello, my name is Lynsey…. JUST KIDDING!

It’s been so long, I thought I should give you an update on why I have been so MIA lately. Life has been crazy! We have been busy little bees and I do not regret that one bit!

go karts!

If you follow me on social media…

…you have seen a little snapshot. I recently took my son and my little siblings to Boondocks. It’s a massive arcade with laser tag, go-karts, mini golf, etc. We had a ton of fun doing all those things and more!

My golfing buddy!

Then, of course, there was the 4th!

Independence day is probably my favorite holiday. I love the fireworks, spending time with family, the food, the community, EVERYTHING! This year we finally had our own little firework show. We bought a small, $20 box of fireworks. We waited until bed time and then shot them off. Well, here in Utah, bed time is still light out… Ha! It was still fun, and my little man loved it!

Fireworks on the 4th!

Also on the 4th!

Every year, we go to breakfast in the park for Cherry Days in North Ogden. We’ve developed this tradition that we go to breakfast, go the car show, and go to the park before going to the parade.

Grandma's are the best!
Helping Grandma go down the slide

Now, about that cover photo…

That picture is from the Dinosaur Park! Papa, Mama, and the little man decided to go check out some old bones. It’s a really cool park because there is so much to learn there! They even installed a new dinosaur statue that is the only full-size statue of it’s kind! The one we are with happens to be my favorite dino.

All in all

It has been a lot of fun. This is just a brief summary of what has been taking me away from the blog lately. I am sure you are all busy too! Leave me a comment letting me know what has kept you busy this summer!

Don’t miss out on all the fun, make sure you follow me on social media!

15 Names to Consider when Naming your Baby

There are hundreds and hundreds of blog posts out there about what you should name your baby.Henry and Homer

It’s a really big decision to make! I remember when I was trying to look up what to name my son, we were overwhelmed with the number of names there are out there. It was important to us that it was unique and special. We thought about family names, names without nicknames, names of famous people, etc.

One thing that helped us in picking a name was the yelling test.

Henry namesI like to make sure the name flows when I yell it. It just sounds nice, and let’s be honest, you will probably yell it a lot! Even though my kid is turning four in just a couple weeks! Oh. My. Gosh! I like to keep a running log of cool names. You know, just in case.. So instead of 50 most popular girl names, or 20 old Victorian names, or 100 names starting with the letter M; I am just going to give you a list of names that I like.

This list started when I found a name that I truly loved, and didn’t want to forget. I won’t tell you which one, but it was the name that started it all. Since then, I just started a list of interesting names that I have come across in my travels that are unique to me, but not totally off the wall!

So here it goes, in no specific order, here is a list of 15 baby GIRL names you should consider:

  1. Evee
  2. Caroline
  3. Amelia
  4. Audrey
  5. Sophie
  6. Elenore
  7. Hazel
  8. Shayne
  9. Raleigh
  10. Daisy
  11. Rose
  12. Ruby
  13. Penelope
  14. Margo
  15. Georgia

Now for the BOYS:

  1. Killean
  2. Montgomery
  3. Que
  4. Ender
  5. Hyrum
  6. Nikko
  7. Oliver
  8. Henry
  9. Monte
  10. Nicholas
  11. Kyler
  12. Rocky
  13. Finn
  14. Darlington
  15. Sebastion

Baby Feet

I hope you found this somewhat helpful! If you didn’t, well, I’m sorry. I hope you enjoyed some awesome throwback pictures of my little man. You might see a lot of those in the next couple weeks with his B-Day coming up! If you want to see more fun posts, check out my #realmomlife category!

Also, I would much appreciate it if you when to my Pinterest page and shared this pin!15 names


10 MORE Reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood

Yes, you read that right. 10 MORE reasons!

If you are reading this and haven’t read my first post; 10 Reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood, then you need to click that link right now… When you are done, come back and enjoy 10 MORE reasons!

Rocking motherhood
Don’t mind my face. I like to partake in #nomakeupsaturdays

This week has been super crazy busy. Work was crazy and I have been busy every day after work. So I haven’t put much time into my blog this week. I don’t feel bad about it though. A lot of my time was spent Rocking Motherhood! Literally.

For example, today I took my son to an indoor bounce house park! It was a lot of fun! All of the pictures you will see in today’s posts are from that adventure.

Dino teethIt was just the two of us, and we went wild! There were a lot of bounce houses in there that “big” adults can’t go on. When I first asked if I can play with my son, the young teen at the counter didn’t even hesitate to say yes! I was so excited, I didn’t even read the rules. I was “too big” to play, but that girl didn’t know that! Bless her young heart. She made my day by inadvertently calling me skinny and letting me have one of the best days off with my kiddo. Thank you!

Close up

Now, why don’t we just dive in, shall we?

  1. I have full conversations with my son.
    1. Since day one, I have talked to my son about everything. I involve him in decisions, and I ask him complex questions. It’s important to me that he learns conversational skills.
  2. He gets a cookie when we go to the store.
    1. Our grocery store bakery gives out free cookies to young shoppers. It’s become sort of a tradition to get one every time they are available.
  3. I co-parent with my husband.
    1. My husband and I talk about every decision involving our son. When he asks for something, we make sure that both of us are on the same page. We are a team.
  4. I NEVER blame my husband or undermine his decisions.
    1. Sometimes we are not both around to discuss and coordinate our decisions. If for some reason I don’t agree with what my husband has settled on, I never undermine his decision by changing it or telling my son his dad was wrong. I support my husband, even if he is wrong. Ha!
  5. I teach my son manners.
    1. Not only Please and Thank you, but holding doors open, asking to be excused, and things like that.
  6. I use my shirt, his shirt, his dad’s shirt, any shirt to wipe his nose.
    1. Sometimes you don’t have a tissue around. That doesn’t mean I am going to let my son walk around with boogers on his face!
  7. I make my son clean up his toys.
    1. He hates it, but some day he will be thankful that I taught him to respect his things and pick up after himself.
  8. It’s not ALWAYS on the Disney Channel.
    1. My son likes to watch things on channels like Animal Planet, History, Discover, etc. I want him to know that there are more things to watch than Disney.
  9. A lot of the time it’s on the Disney Channel.
    1. But let’s be honest, Disney is life! So yes, we watch a lot of the Disney Channel in this house!
  10. We teach him about sports.
    1. Not all sports. Just the most important ones. Like Baseball, Football, and NASCAR. You know, the important ones, lol!

King of the world

Now real quick, since this weekend is Mother’s Day; and since I am obviously a mother… I thought that instead of a Sunday Spotlight, I would post this today. I love posts like this one! Do you?

So, no Sunday Spotlight post this week, but we will pick back up next week!

Tell me YOUR greatest accomplishment this past week!

10 Reasons I am Rocking Motherhood!

Every mother is perfect, right?Rocking Motherhood

Wrong! No two moms are the same! There is NO right or wrong way to rock motherhood!

I was recently tagged in a post by Kelly Smith about 10 reasons she is rocking motherhood. When I decided to take on the challenge, the ideas started flowing out of me. I am an awesome mom! That I am proud of! No, I am not perfect, but I am pretty darn awesome. Here are my 10 reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood, just in time for all the Mother’s Day hoopla!Valentine's Day

  1. I let my son have ice cream for breakfast
    1. Because why not?
  2. Do as I say, not as I do
    1. I may not be the perfect example for my son, and I did questionable things in my teenage days, but who hasn’t? I learned from them, and nowI am teaching my son the right way.
  3. We do arts and crafts
    1. It is always super important for me to build memories and to make things together. I also want to teach my son how to work with his hands and imagination.
  4. I swear in front of my son
    1. Swearing is who I am and what I do. I can reign it in quite a bit around him, just like I do at work, but I am not going to stop or apologize for it.
  5. I love my husband MOST of the time
    1. The love and respect I show towards my husband is the best way I can teach my son to love and respect him.
  6. My son got a sunburn
    1. Why is this even in here? Oh, I know why. It’s because I am a fun mom and I take my son out on the weekends. To baseball games, parks, swimming, camping, anything outside.
  7. I don’t send my son to school when he is sick
    1. Enough said.
  8. YouTube Kids
    1. I am NOT one of those “No electronic” moms. Sometimes it’s okay to watch a tablet or TV. YouTube Kids is a SOMEWHAT safe place for him to watch good shows. I do highly monitor what he watches and restrict how long he does, but I still let him watch it!
  9. I teach him about things I love
    1. By doing so, I get to spend time with him and introduce him to more of the world.
  10. I ask my son lots of questions
    1. My son is smart. I embrace that by asking him a lot of questions and challenging his mind and memory.Mother Son

I had so much fun writing this post! Now, I am supposed to tag other moms to also write a blog about how they are rocking motherhood, but I am just going to tag all of you! Write in the comments your reasons, or write you own blog post about it. Whatever you do, just tag me or email me, or something to let me know. I am excited to get to know all the different mothers out there and how we all differ!

Mother Son

Now that you have read this post, you should find out 10 MORE reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood! Click the link, cause you know you want too!

How to Pick a New Years Resolution

It’s almost a new year and that means a new you!

Picking a resolution for the new year can suck though. There is the chance that it’ll never stick, or you are perfect and don’t need to work on anything, or it is so much you have to work on that you can’t pick just one!

Well, I am here to help! Here are just a few guidelines to consider when picking your 2017 New Year’s Resolution:

Know what a New Year’s Resolution is supposed to be..

  • A resolution is when you resolve to change an undesired trait or characteristic about yourself.

Be realistic

  • Pick an ATTAINABLE goal.
  • Something that will BENEFIT your whole self.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Maybe you want to be a writer, photographer, etc
    • Consider making your resolution to research more, or to take a class
  • Want to get fit?
    • Resolve to eat healthier, exercise more
  • Do you plan to move?
    • De-clutter, deep-clean, put money into savings
  • Maybe you want to move up within your company or find a new job altogether.
    • Build on your strengths, show your worth to the company, impress through success
  • Maybe all you want is to be a better person
    • Identify, cleanse, act


Make a plan

  • Have an END goal
  • Set SHORT-TERM goals
  • Reward yourself

Stick with it!

  • Maintain motivation
  • Have a good support system

This year, like most years, I am resolving to get fit and be healthy. I am also resolving to improve my credit score and save money. I have made a game plan for both already and broke it down into small goals for each month.

What is your New Year’s Resolution?