A Letter to my LuLa “Dealers”

Dear LuLa “Dealers”,

First off, thank you for the addiction! If you couldn’t tell, that was sarcasm. My husband and wallet hate you, even though I call you a dear friend. Ever since that first pair of leggings, I have fallen down the deep dark rabbit hole of “Roe-ing”.

Before this whole letter turns into one big bitchfest, let me touch on the positive. WHY do I love Lularoe? If you’ve ever tried it, you don’t have to ask. For those of you who haven’t tried it, let me explain. Their leggings are LITERALLY the most comfortable leggings in the world. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of them. Lularoe makes you feel beautiful in your own skin. There are unique designs, so you never match anyone else. The fabric is so soft and comfortable! You feel like you shouldn’t be wearing them out of the house. The confidence you feel while wearing it is real! I’m not just talking about their leggings either, their dresses and shirts are the same way!

It’s ridiculous, this whole thing is ridiculous!

Now back to bitching.

I hate that there are so many “Multi sales” First off, that is way too much Lula to look through! I know a lot of people love those sales, but I will not be found there.

Another thing, there are a lot of you out there. I try to limit my LulaFamily to just a few consultants. Please understand, if I am in your group, and active, it’s probably because I love you. I want to buy from YOU, and support YOU! So again, no freaking multi-sales!

Also, I LOVE that you give me random discounts and LulaCash. I know I have to earn it, but trust me, it helps. I don’t mind “working” for my discounts. HOWEVER, don’t have a giveaway every. single. day. It devalues the actual discount or free item. Plus, I don’t really love being spammed.

Another thing to touch on, live sales. OH. MY. GOD. Yes, they are so fun, and it’s fun to see the new stuff. BUT, they last way to long. I have yet to see a live sale LESS than 20 minutes long. We all have lives. I am a mom, I work full time, and I have a blog to attend too. I don’t have 45 minutes to look at clothes. Some tips on things I’ve seen in live sales that have totally worked for me; Don’t be afraid to show what your life is REALLY like. Screaming kids, sarcastic husbands, no makeup. The more REAL you are, the more willing I am to buy. Selling one type of item. Focusing on one item makes it quick and I know what I am there for. TIMING is everything.

Think about who your target market is. For me specifically (because I can’t speak for everyone), I am not going to break away from work to shop, or ignore my family during dinner. That being said, when they are done right, they are so dang fun! I love getting on with a friend and just “shopping” the night away.

Lastly, Lularoe can get expensive!

It’s top quality, so it’s top dollar. Hence why I am not going to buy ALL the time. Be patient, I’m not going anywhere. I promise I will be back. Also, with there being so many of you, I try to spread my love. I will buy from each of you at random times.

Now I know you can’t tailor your sales on one, sassy, customer. You do you, BooBoo! I just really wanted to get that stuff off my chest! Seriously, I really do, freaking love LulaRoe! I will continue to keep buying, but for now, I will see you later!

In no specific order, and since I’ve ragged on them enough, here are the links to my favorite LuLa Gals! I really do love them all. I only shop with best, and these girls are awesome!

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