10 Reasons I am Rocking Motherhood!

Every mother is perfect, right?Rocking Motherhood

Wrong! No two moms are the same! There is NO right or wrong way to rock motherhood!

I was recently tagged in a post by Kelly Smith about 10 reasons she is rocking motherhood. When I decided to take on the challenge, the ideas started flowing out of me. I am an awesome mom! That I am proud of! No, I am not perfect, but I am pretty darn awesome. Here are my 10 reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood, just in time for all the Mother’s Day hoopla!Valentine's Day

  1. I let my son have ice cream for breakfast
    1. Because why not?
  2. Do as I say, not as I do
    1. I may not be the perfect example for my son, and I did questionable things in my teenage days, but who hasn’t? I learned from them, and nowI am teaching my son the right way.
  3. We do arts and crafts
    1. It is always super important for me to build memories and to make things together. I also want to teach my son how to work with his hands and imagination.
  4. I swear in front of my son
    1. Swearing is who I am and what I do. I can reign it in quite a bit around him, just like I do at work, but I am not going to stop or apologize for it.
  5. I love my husband MOST of the time
    1. The love and respect I show towards my husband is the best way I can teach my son to love and respect him.
  6. My son got a sunburn
    1. Why is this even in here? Oh, I know why. It’s because I am a fun mom and I take my son out on the weekends. To baseball games, parks, swimming, camping, anything outside.
  7. I don’t send my son to school when he is sick
    1. Enough said.
  8. YouTube Kids
    1. I am NOT one of those “No electronic” moms. Sometimes it’s okay to watch a tablet or TV. YouTube Kids is a SOMEWHAT safe place for him to watch good shows. I do highly monitor what he watches and restrict how long he does, but I still let him watch it!
  9. I teach him about things I love
    1. By doing so, I get to spend time with him and introduce him to more of the world.
  10. I ask my son lots of questions
    1. My son is smart. I embrace that by asking him a lot of questions and challenging his mind and memory.Mother Son

I had so much fun writing this post! Now, I am supposed to tag other moms to also write a blog about how they are rocking motherhood, but I am just going to tag all of you! Write in the comments your reasons, or write you own blog post about it. Whatever you do, just tag me or email me, or something to let me know. I am excited to get to know all the different mothers out there and how we all differ!

Mother Son

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3 thoughts on “10 Reasons I am Rocking Motherhood!”

  1. I was nominated for this challenge too. I love your post!! I was not sure how to approach this challenge, but your list helped me see some of the fun things I do that make me feel like I am rocking it! I laughed right away when I read the first one, since we have been known to have a cookie or two for breakfast, and not a healthy breakfast cookie either:) Rock on Mama!!

  2. hahaha, me too…i swear in front of them too sometimes. i try so hard yes, it never gets old. mothers everywhere , similar no matter the race, creed or color

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