10 MORE Reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood

Yes, you read that right. 10 MORE reasons!

If you are reading this and haven’t read my first post; 10 Reasons why I am Rocking Motherhood, then you need to click that link right now… When you are done, come back and enjoy 10 MORE reasons!

Rocking motherhood
Don’t mind my face. I like to partake in #nomakeupsaturdays

This week has been super crazy busy. Work was crazy and I have been busy every day after work. So I haven’t put much time into my blog this week. I don’t feel bad about it though. A lot of my time was spent Rocking Motherhood! Literally.

For example, today I took my son to an indoor bounce house park! It was a lot of fun! All of the pictures you will see in today’s┬áposts are from that adventure.

Dino teethIt was just the two of us, and we went wild! There were a lot of bounce houses in there that “big” adults can’t go on. When I first asked if I can play with my son, the young teen at the counter didn’t even hesitate to say yes! I was so excited, I didn’t even read the rules. I was “too big” to play, but that girl didn’t know that! Bless her young heart. She made my day by inadvertently calling me skinny and letting me have one of the best days off with my kiddo. Thank you!

Close up

Now, why don’t we just dive in, shall we?

  1. I have full conversations with my son.
    1. Since day one, I have talked to my son about everything. I involve him in decisions, and I ask him complex questions. It’s important to me that he learns conversational skills.
  2. He gets a cookie when we go to the store.
    1. Our grocery store bakery gives out free cookies to young shoppers. It’s become sort of a tradition to get one every time they are available.
  3. I co-parent with my husband.
    1. My husband and I talk about every decision involving our son. When he asks for something, we make sure that both of us are on the same page. We are a team.
  4. I NEVER blame my husband or undermine his decisions.
    1. Sometimes we are not both around to discuss and coordinate our decisions. If for some reason I don’t agree with what my husband has settled on, I never undermine his decision by changing it or telling my son his dad was wrong. I support my husband, even if he is wrong. Ha!
  5. I teach my son manners.
    1. Not only Please and Thank you, but holding doors open, asking to be excused, and things like that.
  6. I use my shirt, his shirt, his dad’s shirt, any shirt to wipe his nose.
    1. Sometimes you don’t have a tissue around. That doesn’t mean I am going to let my son walk around with boogers on his face!
  7. I make my son clean up his toys.
    1. He hates it, but some day he will be thankful that I taught him to respect his things and pick up after himself.
  8. It’s not ALWAYS on the Disney Channel.
    1. My son likes to watch things on channels like Animal Planet, History, Discover, etc. I want him to know that there are more things to watch than Disney.
  9. A lot of the time it’s on the Disney Channel.
    1. But let’s be honest, Disney is life! So yes, we watch a lot of the Disney Channel in this house!
  10. We teach him about sports.
    1. Not all sports. Just the most important ones. Like Baseball, Football, and NASCAR. You know, the important ones, lol!

King of the world

Now real quick, since this weekend is Mother’s Day; and since I am obviously a mother… I thought that instead of a Sunday Spotlight, I would post this today. I love posts like this one! Do you?

So, no Sunday Spotlight post this week, but we will pick back up next week!

Tell me YOUR greatest accomplishment this past week!

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  1. Love this! I especially like that you mention how important co-parenting is and respecting your husband. That makes a huge difference in good parenting and will set your son up to value family.

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